A letter to the Queens

Dear Queen,

You’ll face incredible challenges throughout your life based on the way you look and carry yourself. It will not always be fair, nor right, but stand strong!

Just know its okay to push away the hands that want to lay upon your tresses. You have every right to protect and defend what is yours. Never let others tell you what is right based on your personal morals. 

Just like their entitlement has a strong hold on society, so does yours. You are entitled to having emotions without receiving the negative back lash of others. You are entitled to correct the ignorance that has fallen upon you. Never stray from your morals and believing in the right way of doing things. Believe in your self and put faith in your people.

Stop sheltering your little ones and allow them to see the world in all of its unlawful reality. Continue to educate and inspire others that look like you. Teach them how to adapt with society instead of being against society. Also, learn to love your curves and dark pigmented skin. Let your glow shine above all the negative comments and hate thrown your way. You are a queen honey, and no one can ever dethrone you.

Your power is so immaculate! You don’t look like anyone else but yourself. So when they even studder a different name other than your birth name, feel entitled to educate and correct them. To others we may look alike, but to me all I can hear is….”it is hard to differentiate the queens and kings of this land”. Don’t react to the patriarchy, but instead adjust to it. Simply by showing others you are a queen and one of a kind. 

Allow yourself to support your people instead of leaving them in poverty. Allow your power to lift them up instead of joining society to break them down. We are one; TOGETHER! We have the knowledge and the power to create a positive outcome. We’re not small minded by any means, we’re just passionate about what we believe in. It’s okay to shout, pray, cry, and sometimes even breakdown. We are all human, and with every human we are all imperfect. 

Shield those dream crushers and dream harder than you ever have. Allow those dreams to push you toward success and freedom. Allow those goals to silence your nay sayers. You ARE worthy! And you CAN do it!! Believe in who you are because you may very well be the next governor, doctor, or lawyer. 

We’re all branded with the word “guilty” on our backs. However, it is how we transform the word into positive actions. As the law announces “we are all innocent until proven guilty”, firmly stand by that. We are not guilty until proven otherwise. We are guilty of being mistreated and misunderstood, however. That is why educating others and people alike is so crucial. 

Furthermore, just remember we are one, TOGETHER. “We the people”, that is clearly stated on the constitution has been over looked, because we ARE considered part of the people.

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I’m literally crying! I needed this! And I’m glad I’m waited to read it on the first of the new month <3

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