I am NOT your stereotype

I have every right to be angry

I have every right to be hurt

I have every right to speak my truth I have every right to lash out

I am not your stereotype

I am an educated black woman that has every right to feel alone in a society that was built to break us down.

I will rise, I will stand, I will fight!


I can’t trust you

The day is bright, the sun is high, and the sky is as clear as the water in the Bahamas. 

We’re catching up, enjoying apps and throwing back drinks. Laughing the day away while we’re enjoying each other’s company.

Dressing up…. going out. That’s what I remember. Do you?

Do you remember sharing your secrets and telling me you love me? Do you remember asking me to come over and telling me you miss me? Well, I do!

I remember when our friendship meant something to me. I remember when I needed a fun night out and you were there. You know, it’s funny how memories work. They show only the past never the present.

And currently your presence is no more. You’ve vanish! Disappeared in thin air. All jokes aside, I can’t see you. Are you still sleeping? Your silence and lack of presence has altered my love for you.

Your friendship was a lie. Your generosity was a lie. Your support was a lie. YOU ARE A LIE!

I can’t trust you. I don’t know who you are. You’ve blinded me with the lies and deceit that society has feed you. You’ve tricked me with your words of bigotry. Well, I say no more! No more friendship. The way you’ve chosen to be silent in a time like this… I’ve chosen to silence our friendship.

If you need explanation… here’s one for you. WAKE THE FUCK UP!