Let’s talk Christmas

Christmas is literally right around the corner. Have you bought all of your Christmas gifts yet? No worries most of your major department stores are open until 6pm Christmas eve including the mall, for all of your last minute purchases. Be sure to look for any deals going on in-store and online. During this time of year, you’ll have the pleasure of finding a few deals happening in some of your favorite shopping locations. 

For those traveling this holiday, make sure to look at the weather before traveling. Its never fun when you’re caught up in unexpected weather, because you didn’t plan your attire accordingly. Also, for those traveling long distances out of town make sure to leave earlier than expected, because traffic will be backed up. Also, make sure to look at your flight iternary for delayed flights. 

Flying during the weekend is typically more expensive than flying on a weekday. So if you have the option of leaving the day before Christmas, I’d advice you to do that. However, for those planning to leave the weekend during Christmas plan to be at the airport 3 hours earlier rather than 2 hours earlier. That way you prevent being late for your flight and avoid the wait by TSA if they’re taking a little longer to get passengers aboard. 

Have you figured out what you’re cooking or bringing to the Christmas dinner yet? Is your family doing a theme based dinner? Have you thought of any non traditional entrees? Well, luckily for you, here a few worthy ideas to look into! Instead of doing the traditional turkey and other comfort foods…what about trying something different, such as seafood for Christmas dinner. Crab legs, shrimp, sea scallops or even lobster can be used as an alternative rather than the traditional Turkey and Ham centerpiece meat. But this is just an idea that my family and friends have tried. 

Also, have you ever been in the middle of eating dinner and realized the mac and cheese or sweet potatoes were tastier than the actual centerpiece meat?! Then having an all vegetarian or vegan option could be the path you’d like to take. Starting with the idea of having a vegetarian lasgana or spaghetti squash and chickpea meatballs as your main course accompanied with some tasty side dishes. 

However, for those who are running late to get everything you need for your special events during the holiday. Make sure to be aware of your nearest grocery store for their holiday hours. Almost all of your go-to grocery stores are open until 6pm Christmas Eve. Although, some may be open a little later, such as Harris Teeter who will be open until 7pm.

Whatever you decide to do during Christmas…. please be attentive with all of your shopping needs, travel plans, and savory dishes you’ll be whipping up this Christmas. Until next week, be safe and Merry Christmas! 

Happy Holidays!

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